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>> hello and welcome to "11 news sunday morning." i'm sarah caldwell. >> i'm lisa robinson. our top stories in just a
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moment. first let's take a look outside with top meteorologist tony pann. >> we feeded the rain, but it is starting to taper off now. the heaviest rain is exitying tomas delininkaitis -- is exiting delaware. mostly cloudy later on with a high temperature in the low 70's. for now, to the news desk. >> in the news this morning, a child makes a horrible discovery inside a home in he will could the -- ellicott city. the child said she saw two people injured. when police went inside the
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home, they found two dead bodies. police are trying to confirm their eye -- identities and determine how he they died. >> a 15-year-old boy was shot in the arm and another bullet grazed his chest friday evening on austin street. no word on a possible motive. >> paul bryan palmer escaped from the central district friday. police say he faced a medical -- faked a medical emergency and was able to break free from his hand cuffs. this morning detectives believe he may be headed toward washington or west virginia. 2008 kia 1ewv10. police say palmer is considered dangerous and anyone with information is asked to call
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911. >> a new trial for a man convicted last month under the revised gang statute. dewan marshall was convicted in the murder of kenneth jones. the judge heard testimony that alleged misconduct by a juror after the juror used the internet to investigate the defendant's background. >> a memorial -- memorials of the victims. attendees sang songs and heard from speakers who have had losses themselves. >> the purpose is to give healing to our city and let our city government know that we care, that something needs to be done about the murders on the street. please do something for our children. >> streetlight ministries oorgd the event and also offered grief counseling to those in attendance. >> it has been nine years since al-qaeda attacked the united states but the memory of those
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who died on september 11 will breathe remembrance. ceremonies were held in virginia at the pentagon and in pennsylvania and new york. >> on the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks families and survivors gathered as they have every year in new york, virginia, and pennsylvania. near ground zero, family members read each name of loved one withs lost. >> my father, charlie. >> and the public ceremony included personal and emotional tributes. >> my life has not been the same. >> family members, firefighters, and first responders also walked down into the ground zero construction site carrying photos and laying flowers in the reflecting pool. at the pentagon president obama alluded to the recent mosque and koran-burning controversies and emphasized the need for americans to recapture the spirit of unity that followed in
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the weeks and months after the attacks. >> the highest honor we can pay those we lost, indeed, our greatest weapon in this ongoing war, is to do what our adversaries fear the most, to stay true to who we are as americans. to renew our sense of common purpose, to say that we define the character of our country. >> in shakesville pennsylvania, first lady michelle obama and lawyer why bush paid tribute to the crew and passengers. twin beams lit up the new york skyline and symbolized where the twin towers once stood. ceremonies and memorials that serve as reminders that the nation is still mourning and healing from the losses of that day.
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nbc news, new york. >> here in maryland, next year's anniversary of the 9-11 attacks will mean changes for the baltimore area. governor o'malley announced at the world trade center in baltimore -- there will be maryland's own 9/11 memorial. the memorial include a steel artifact from the twin towers that will serve as the centerpiece. in towson a flag for each life lost was placed for everyone to remember the tragic day. they also showed support of 9/11 victims by placing 2,977 flags. >> at the falling of warrior memorial 11 national guards were honored. a wreath-laying ceremony for those that paid the ultimate price in the gulf war. >> to b.w.i. airport.
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last night dozens of soldiers returned. it was a moment they will never forget. kim dacey was there. >> a plane full of soldiers returning from seas are greeted with tears at b.w.i. airport. a senior master sergeant is excited to see his family. >> it is wonderful to be back in a free country, my country, the united states of america. >> seshmanian is a principal in baltimore city. his five-month deployment meant he missed the start of the school year, but he's anxious to get back to work. >> if education is in your blood, that's why you do it. >> the soldiers are returning to american soil on september 11th. a significance not lost on them or their families. >> i think it is an honor for thodse who have gone before me, and i have come back -- those who have gone before me, and i have come back. it makes me sober-minded on this
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anniversary. >> freedom is not free. it stakes a tremendous amount of sacrifice. i'm proud of my husband and the men and women that serve. i'm proud of them. >> some are rurk returning home while others are just leaving. they say it is especially boin poignant. >> it reminds me of why we're here and why we have joined the military for our nation's defense. it was nine years, and yet it seem seems like yesterday. it reminds me of how important it is that we protect our nation. >> a snation these soldiers say they are proud to sirne for any day of the injury. >> we live in the most wonderful country in the world and we are fortunate to be here. i know a lot of people that would love to have those freedoms and opportunity that don't. so i am thankful that i do. >> seshmani immediately headed to dover for a briefing, but he should be home with hie his family in about a week.
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>> 62 degrees on tv hill. the secret of shelt sheltering from the i.r.s. legally. >> and keep it here if you have concerns about voting in tuesday's primaries. maryland's state board of elections joins us were our "sunday q & a." >> and the forecast and the latest on hurricane i
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>> welcome back. the time is 9:12. we have an east wind at 8 miles per hour. it has been a rainy start for us on this sunday morning. nen again, it is -- then again, it is welcome rain. this was a good soaking rain.
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the heaviest stuff is left out to the+ -- [technical difficulties] if we get a little sun, we will make it into the 70's later on. 61 at parkton and 63 at this hour in chestertown. as soon as the system goes off the coast, things start to improve. monday and tuesday, quiet conditions. the seven-day forecast in a second.
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an update on hurricane igor i suspect the hurricane center will bump that up on the 11:00 a.m. advisory to category 2. they think it will come close to the islands by this time next weekend, so igor is a storm we'll have to keep an eye on. high temperatures between 70 and 75. when we get sun to break through the clouds -- looks like a nice start to the workweek. slight chance for rain on tuesday. the next chance for significant rain will be at the end of the week late thursday and into friday.
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i do think it will clear up. >> a turbulent economy. our financial expert is here. >> the queen of effortless chic is here. how to look great and spend less. >> first a look at ents going on around town. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. good morning. >> it is a pleasure to be here. >> what are the common mistakes that people make in today's retirement planning? >> well, the biggest mistake is not saving enough as we are constantly reminded by all the polls. the second biggest mistake is not saving efficiently. we've been told for years all we need to do is tax defer, tax defer and then we'll be in a lower tax bracket when we retire. if you want to be in a lower tax bracket, you need to plan for it. >> people are saying, i don't expect anything in this economy. >> you need to start early. and a little bit goes a long way when you are starting early. so for somebody age 20, putting aside $50 a month makes a
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significant difference because of all the years of compounding. when you get to be 50 and 55, now is becomes a lot harder. my message would be to start early and a little bit goes a long way. >> most people with all the retirement in their 401-k or i.r.a. it is tax defered, that is unfortunate because every dollar you are going to spend is going to be factioned. you want to put it in three different spots so that it will be tax-free, your rotha i.r.a., and tax defered, rur had 401-k, and your retirement savings, so you can draw from all three places. >> a lot of people have one of those. we need all three of those? >> you need all three of those. we don't know what will happen with taxes, but if we do nothing, taxes will go up substantially, and you don't want everything in a tax defered account and have it all taxed.
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we go means testing, and you could be losing part of it. you want to have it in all sources so we can design how much tax you will pay by being able to draw from the tax-free source, because there is no tax implications. >> what else can we do? what does the i.r.s. want from us, other than money? >> i think money is enough. but they want a lot of money. we have a national debt pushing $13.5 trillion. if they could just get their hands on a third of that, that would take care of a big chunk of the national debt. >> there is something in the news a lot right now about extending the push tax cuts. why would people need to know about this, or why should or shouldn't this happen? >> it probably is the -- one of the biggest factors that's affecting our economy right now. we could talk about a lot of different things, but the uncertainty of knowing how much
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taxes you are going to pay or the uncertainty of health care reform has a pretty negative impact on our economy. what we want to do in the next 3 1/2 months is prepare as if taxes are going up. so we have 3 1/2 months that we know tax rates will be low. we don't know what will happen after the beginning of 2011. >> you are back to saving once again. >> saving tax efficiently. >> there is the child tax credit, there's marriage penalty money that could be saved in that? >> it is onerous. i think the numbers are a $3.8 trillion tax incentive over 10 years. that will affect everybody. what the president has repeated is he's only going to raise money on people raising $250,000 which the child care credit would be in there.
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my best guess -- is this is a guess -- is they won't be able to decide and they will look at it next year under a new congress. >> that tax credit is $1,000 now. >> right. so that's 50% of tax increase. >> up again, the name of the book is the "new three-legged stool." thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> it is time to think about the lawn again. >> it is. it is the best time of year to fertilize and seed your lawn. >> speaking of seeding, i have a good idea.
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>> good morning, and welcome to your "sunday gardener." we're going to talk about lawns, because we got some mail on that. >> we have gotten a million phone calls about this? after scott's fungus control, and it looks worse. i think it has not as much to do with the product as it does the weather. we came out in june and july with the dryest season we've ever had. we've had so much in august, between crab grass and weeds.
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>> so fall is the single best time to renovate your lawn. >> you can get rid of the weeds, get the grass established before winter and by spring you have a healthy lawn and then you can put the crab grass preventer down to prevent the stuff from coming up. >> what you first want to do is apply weed control. this will take care of most of your weeds. >> and you are going to have wait about two weeks and then you can go on and reseed your lawn. >> so we have to act now? >> yes. when the weeds are up, it is the best time to get rid of them. when you have some of this coming up accident go for it. >> what about the crab grass there now? grass will dry now, right?
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i would get the rest of the lawn into good shape so that next next season you could put that -- can you pull up the crab grass and put regular seed down there now? >> you could even spray. but i'm just not sure i worry about it too much now. the main thing is to get your lawn in shape -- plenty of compose. leave that. aerate your lawn. get some air to the root system. if you look along your driveway, you usually see your worst weeds. >> and hot sun. >> and there is competition going on with trees.
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lift everything up as much as you can. we recommend you put something down to keep it from drying out. grass seed will be packed with water two or three times a day. put fertilizer down. they handle -- >> so don't expect a super green lawn in october. it will bounce back. >> usually it is coming back. we have gotten enough rain that
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our lawns aren't as bad as they were in june and july. >> i have a lawn here to work on. thank you for joining us on your "sunday gardener". next sunday we'll be back with more about your garden. we'll see you then. >> and if you have a garden question, send it to "sunday gardener" wbal-tv 2800 hooper maryland, 21211. you can also going online to >> a shopping guru says never pay retail again. how to get more with less. >> first, with the primaries just days away, we have a "-- special report. >> sunday forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> let's take a look outside. >> the rain is starting to taper off. this wasn't a bad thing this morning. i know it is the weekend and all, but we really needed the rain, and we got a good soaking out of it this morning. most of the heavy stuff is east of us, delaware and the beaches,
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and rain showers and sprinkles. it will be dry as we head into the afternoon. mostly cloudy later on today with high temperatures in the low 70's. seven-day forecast and the latest on hurricane igor coming up in just a few minutes. for now, to the news desk. >> insurgents killed by troops in eastern afghanistan. the alliance intelligence reports indicate the commander was planning for rocket attacks during the parliamentary elections. the taliban has vowed to attack and warned afghans not to participate in what it called a sham vote. >> the latest ward from iran is that sara shourd will be released on $500,000 bail because of health problems. an iranian prosecutor says the
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other two americans must remain in custody. the three are accused of illegally crossing into iran. the families say they are wr they were hiking. >> a leading expert on race and politics walters has died. walters spent 5025 years at howard university. he suffered from lung cancer. he died friday. he was 72 years old. h >> it is time for our "sunday morning g & a." join join us this morning is ross golstein from the maryland state board of elections. we have some hotly contested races out there, and i would imagine some early good turn-out . we had 77,000 or 7 -- excuse me,
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7,000 people vote early, so it will probably turn out to be around 8% of the total surnout that we see for this election. >> for those that have opted to vote, lets talk about the things we need to remember. if you are not registered to vote can you still register. >> the closing deadline is -- it is too late for this election. >> there are voters overseas or using an absentee ballot. how do you go through that process and what is the deadline for doing that? >> the question -- the deadline to have it sent to you as passed, but you can go to the board of elections in your county and get an absentee ballot and make sure you mail it by election day. >> by tuesday. >> what if someone wants to change their party affiliation. >> that is the same dead deadline as the voter
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registration, so that was three weeks ago. >> if you are going to be out of town, you talk about getting your absentee ballot in. can you -- how can you see a sample ballot is you want to prepare ahead of time for who you want to vote for. >> first of all, we mailed them to all the voters. go to www.elections, and from our home page there is a link to finding out your registration status and also they will have a copy of your sample ballot there. >> what do you need to bring with you in terms of identification, and also is it ok to bring children along? >> as long as the schirn are 13 or yirning they are allowed to go into the polls with their parents. as far as identification, you are only required to have
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identification under certain circumstances. whether you are required to bring identification is listed there. generally a driver's licesi sense is listed for verification. >> can you vote at the same place you voted foffer early voters? >> no, once selection date starts, you are back at the early polling places. >> so definitely go to the web site. >> are all polling places acceptable to people with disabilities? >> i think in maryland we're about 99% of our polling places are accessible. it is something we are proud of. if there are access yibblet issues, you can find out that information. if there are barriers or information about access yibblet that are part of your polling place, that will be listed on the we web site. >> are in any other myths out there you want to dispel before people go through this process on tuesday? >> no, i think people are ready to do vote.
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there shouldn't be long lines on tuesday. it should be a very mooth day. >> the polls are open tuesday 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. a lot of people 10:00 and 4:00 because people that are voting -- >> if you can go during those hours there is no wait. if you go when it is first opening, there might be a little wait, but certainly the 10:00 to 4:00 rule will save you time. >> visit the website because all of the information that you offered is on there. that's www.-- >> that's right. >> our visitor next week will be senator ben card-in. if you have questions male them to "sunday questions" -- e-mail your que
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>> the time is coming up on 9:40. 63 degrees at b.w. i. relative humidity at 97%. it has been 19 or 20 days since we've seen significant rainful around here. in the short-term, light rain and drizzle. nothing of any consequence, and give it a couple hours, maybe 11:00 or close to lunch time and most of this will be gone. the heavy rain is way off to the east moving across the beaches and off shore now.
9:41 am
this is moving at a good clip, this system again. i don't think we'll see a lot of sunshine after these rain showers. if it stays completely overcast, the temperatures could have a difficult time moving. we might be stuck in the upper 50's this afternoon. right now, low 60's. 63 in catonsville. same thing in rising sun. it is 63 degrees in chestertown. things start to improve tonight. skies clear overnight, and a nice area of high pressure coming across the midwest. that will take control of the weather here for the beginning of the workweek. monday and tuesday look ok. temperatures in the upper 70's. i'll show you the seven-day in just a second. first a brief update on the tropics. this is hurricane igor here. it got stronger. as a matter of fact, i think it looked healthy here. you can see a well defined eye
9:42 am
there. as a body of ad vazeri, it was a category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 80 miles per hour. it looks much stronger than that to me. the hurricane center our -- the hurricane center will give us an update this afternoon. if we get a low sun, it will be more than that. late thursday into friday, it
9:43 am
clearing. >> here with some tips on smart shopping. >> it is about making the most of your purchases and not feeling that -- you can live within your shopping budget and look great every day.
9:44 am
super-fund trends but wearable mommy chic. so she got a call. she doesn't have to go home, she just needs a switch. it is called day or night. she just has to take off the sweater. keep on that tank and she has a little extra surprise for you. she doesn't have to go home.
9:45 am
>> and next we have gabby. everything we have today is from marshals. it is an amazing place to get high-end designer brand. she's at work. she got a promotion. she is making a lot of money. spending it all, it looks like within wrin reason. she has a husband. she says, i don't have time to go home. i want to get dinner, and i want to see my man. so she's going to do a switch-aroo in the office. this is daytime tv, so we'll keep it -- all right. here she goes.
9:46 am
are you kidding me? this is like a $5,000 looking bag. >> looking bag. >> and it is under $50. >> don't you have to meet your man?
9:47 am
>> i think every girl should get a pair of leggings, a p.l.d., what i call a pretty little dress. could be a dress under this playser. you need a great pair of shoes. like i said, all the designer stuff you can get for less. >> people are really skilled or they read your book, they learn how to wear these things and then they have been wearing them over and over again. >> i have something called look like $1,000 under $100. layering is a way to add zip and character to your outfit without looking like the same old girl.
9:48 am
>> women are always confused with this arm thing. what -- you said all or nothing, if you don't have good arms? >> we are making ourselves look like a he-man, but you are not a muscle builder. up here or all the way down here. >> the way to determine if you should be wearing that is get a good girlfriend. >> before you hit the door, that's a good comment. >> honesty is the key. >> go shopping with someone who will tell you the truth. >> please don't call me. >> luckily for you, she will be at the library september 15, 7:00 p.m. that's at 400 cathedral, 545-3115. get a book there. all right. >> thank you. >> up next, 11 news. 4 first a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> welcome back, it is our favorite time in the morning, "sunday brunch".
9:52 am
we are joined from the martini bistro lounge. i am going to embarrass you. you already have fans, they want to know where the restaurant is located. >> we are located at 845 south medaford avenue corner of boston street and hudson street. we are a french-northern morroccan concept restaurant, like the beaches of south of spain and france. now we have the cous-cous which is our number one selling dish at the restaurant. >> let me start with cous cous, is it a form of pasta? >> it is a mediterranean pasta, but it is really a grain. you have different -- you would have the middle eastern cous-cous, which is the fine
9:53 am
grain, israeli cous-cous which is more like a pasta, and then the mediterranean grain. which is more traditional and authentic to our concept. i call this vegetarian cous cous it is chicken broth flavored, but it could be made with anything. it would be made with chick peas. >> you don't boil it, you steam it. >> and then you want to declump it. you want to make sure there is no clump to it. >> and the best way to do it is with your hands? >> yes. when you buy the instant, you
9:54 am
use a fork, but when you make it yourself, you really want to massage it. apricot, prunes, and rasins has to be started three days before because it has to mayor nature. -- marinate. >> if you want the recipe, we have it all written down for you. send a self-addressed stamp pped envelope. all this stuff will be on there that the chef is talking about. >> we have vegetables. acorn squash, butternut squash, and sweet potatos that we put together. the finished product, cous c om us. -- cous cous 678 --. >> they are use aid lot because
9:55 am
the dishes we use are very heardy, and you can use them in the oven as is and it will keep the heat. once you serve it, it is there. >> it is not just good lucks, it is practical? >> yes, it is made for our dishes. >> chef welcome back and look at >> chef welcome back and look at the finished product.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. >> here's a quick look at the seven-day forecast. it will be cloudy this afternoon, but you will probably be able to do some stuff outside with temperatures in the low 70's. here's the finished product. as promised the chef has put it together there. the name of the game -- >> casablancan cous cous.
9:58 am
thank you for joining us again today. that's all the time we have. "meet the press" is next. >> have a great day, everybody. i'm bob ehrlich.
9:59 am
i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. today maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. dangerous debt, higher taxes, not enough jobs. we need real leadership to turn this state around. fix the budget -- honestly. grow small businesses -- really. excellent schools -- everywhere. protect the bay -- finally. it's why i'm running. to make the state we love not just good but great.

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